Liberty Mutual Complaints

Exposing the problems with the way Liberty Mutual conducts it’s business is pointless if no one ever sees it.  If you’re buried on page 8 of a Google search, you‘re toast.  The challenge is to create a web site that, while not affiliated with Liberty Mutual, will rank in the top 10 of a general Liberty Mutual search and thus be seen by a lot of people not specifically searching for complaints.  This is no small goal, but it is possible.
Large companies that generate large numbers of complaints have deliberate strategies to limit the impact of complaint sites.
First, they register domain names with variations of their corporate name to clog a search with so many options that an outsider gets buried.  In Liberty Mutual’s case, there are nearly 300 active .com domain names that contain the phrase libertymutual.  Many of these are variants that would normally be a part of the parent web site, but by making them a separate domain, they gain a separate spot in a search.
Secondly, they tie up domains that  contain the phrase libertymutual and are deliberately insulting such as:,,,  These domain names are all registered to Liberty Communications Services.
While seeking to control the more disparaging domain names, Liberty Mutual fortunately missed the more straight forward and mundane  If it weren’t for that fact, I never would have launched this site.  On the strength of it’s name alone, came in at #5 in the first few months when searching for “liberty mutual complaints”.  Now it's #1 in that search.  With variations on the search it begins to fade but it’s a remarkable showing straight out of the chute.
Here’s where you can help.  The key to high placement in a Google search is linkage.  They look to see how many other sites have linked to your site and the more they see, the more important they think you are.  If you have a web site of any kind with a links page, and you would like to help promote this cause in a small way, please post my link.  The following code is a basic unannotated link with simply the name of the site.
<a href="">Liberty Mutual Complaints</a>